Female is now / I´m not a man (Patreon)

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the recent #metoo thing made me write a feminist song before finishing the Questions song. It´s another rehearsal room recording with me playing a really shitty bass but we had a lot of fun. Hope you do as well. Couldn´t decide for one of the 2 titles, which one do you like better?

We decided to put all the new songs on an EP next spring when you will get all the proper recordings, btw, hope you can wait until then! I want Tyler play the bass, and if he´s available, Brian play the drums. Although Christoph does a pretty good job here! I made a video too, will upload that as well in the next days.

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thank you for making all this possible!

love, Feline

Here´s the lyrics:

I run a business and this business has my name but I’m not a man

I like sex and i have it when i can but I’m not a man

I boss people and my voice is loud and mean but  I’m not a man

I curse and swear and I’m not the least ashamed but  I’m not a man

The future is female – Female is the future

The present is female – Female is now

I show myself and my talents to the world but  I’m not a man

I won’t have when somebody spoils my day but  I’m not a man

I make my own money and I like to spend it but  I’m not a man

I have an opinion and I will speak it but  I’m not a man

I love my body and I like to touch it but  I’m not a man

I like my mooha and I don’t like to wash it but  I’m not a man

I’m growing hair on my legs and face and crotch but  I’m not a man

I like it dirty and I do it quite loud but  I’m not a man

I am a female – Female is what I am

The present is female – Female is now

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