Been There Done That

Just our past tour dates, for those who want to know. 2020 16. Januar BOCHUM BASTION – 18. Januar NETHERLANDS Oud Gastel  – Patreon-Show – 19. Januar ESCHWEGE Gemeindesaal facebook – 6. Februar BERLIN Feline Solo zu Gast im Grether Salon  – 27. Februar BERLIN Kulturzentrum KöPi wird 30: Queer Gala – 5. März. BERLIN Stammtisch Neukölln: 50/50 facebook Read more about Been There Done That[…]

Full Moon dance theatre movements

In December 2017, we performed for the very first time our songs together with the wonderful weirdos of The FullMoonCabaret with whom – under the amazing NYC filmmaker Victora Linchong – I have been performing frequently mor than one year now. This is modern dance theatre, and I love what we did there! Oh that Read more about Full Moon dance theatre movements[…]

Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration

See image overview at bottom! / Galerieübersicht und Artikel in Deutsch weiter unten! After playing several shows with birdeatsbaby and their charismatic and incredibly talented lead singer and pianist Mishkin Fitzgerald, Mish and I decided to make a song together. Here it comes. Patreon-exclusive release on both our profiles, but the video is now public. Read more about Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration[…]

F&S @ Coalescaremonium Brussels 2017

This event was TOO magnificent for just mentioning a few reviews and posting a few photos! If alone, because reviews are dropping in now, only a few days after, on a daily basis. So I`ll collect everything here! Make sure you get tickets for next year, in case you missed this one.   Photo report Read more about F&S @ Coalescaremonium Brussels 2017[…]