T: Feline Lang, M/Arr: Marc André Haller – On “Science Fiction” (2013)

Das Individuum in der Informationsgesellschaft, die Öffentlichkeit von innersten Regungen und das Ausgeliefertsein von Information, vor allem aber um die fast schon paranoid-schizophrene Fremdbestimmtheit und den Zwang zur Selbstentäußerung in den Medien. Oder so.

Anybody sees my hands on the fader
Anybody tells me it´s a cold of the mind
Anybody seems to ask me  what I´m afraid of
Who´ll be mad and take my hands when I´m blind
Anybody asks me why – I´m not cooperating
Why   I do wait till – the sea is too loud
Anybody tells me baby how I could live – if,
Anybody tells me but I cannot get out

Now anybody could just – pull my lever
Without a reason take me – out of my mind
Without a brain they seem just oh so clever
What do they search and – what do I find

I´m anybody – Anybody´s me – afraid of me


Now`s just remaining what I have brought with
Anybody took – my luggage and ran
Where I ´m going to I won´t need it any more
Anybody show me how much they can, Hey hey
Anybody tells me I should look out of my window
Connect the team without a single shout
But I killed the cat today and served the dog
Anybody take my hand and lead me out

Anybody leave me upside down forever
Anybody run and kingdom come
Anybody will connect me to Never
Anybody save the bad boys hum – Mmhmm
Anybody can do that in my favour
Anybody should release me from shout
Anybody would if  they weren´t so clever
Anybody show me how to get out

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