Feline and Strange



Our 5th album surpasses all and everything you know about us. And your world. Or think you know. 11 dark and intense tracks from heartbreaking piano ballad to electro punk will change the way you think forever.


The invaders are taking over. But will you be allowed to stay? Cyberpunk meets art shit and dystopian political storytelling in a dark theatrical multimedia show.

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Too real for many. Too intense for most. Too good to miss.
Wave Cabaret *Berlin

Mind-boggling singer Feline Lang - well known also for opera and tango - and her cello chief Christoph Klemke are Feline and Strange: epic punk songs in a uniquely dramatic style. The Berlin based 2piece (vocs, piano, cello, computer, percussion) brings to mind 1920ies Science Fiction silent movies remixed in a Berlin underground club of the 1980ies. - a time trip de force with a much too modern attitude. Unlike anything you ever heard. Unlikely to ever forget.

  • Cabaret

    Theatre with corsets

  • Opera

    Strings, keys, and tears

  • Wave

    Dark Synths

  • Punk

    Rage against no matter what

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The Band

Feline Lang
The powerful voice, and brain
Voice, electronics, piano, accordion, Glockenspiel… Was a gypsy, a tango chanteuse, a folk dancer, an operatic singer, an actress, produced shows, and had some other fun in her spare time. But never, ever, did things that didn´t involve music.
Christoph Klemke
Cello, Percussion
The madman with the flight cap. Was Punk drummer for “Background”, played Sinfonics and Opera, and is the director of a sound design school and a music production centre.


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