Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang

This storm is only in my mind. Beware.
Heavy air musty smell yellow clouds, a heaven like hell
Chicks yawning lazy at the metro station – This is the thundergod´s coronation
The world sticks to me, follows every step, I drag it around, longing just for a nap
As the thunder growls loudly the first time, Raindrops start to chime
Thunderstorm-can you save me- Women and children first
Lightning strikes, please please save me, Find me a shelter, it hurts
I shriek and cover my head with my arm and run to a roof where nothing should harm
And I wonder in the tiny edge of my brain: Why is nobody following? Are they insane?
I shrug and decide to do what I feel like and try to avoid the dashing hail´s strike
A small girl walks to me, seems unharmed by the ice,
Her mother runs fro, snashes her, that is wise
Lightning strikes a crack in the earth don’t you see,
a gaping canyon ripping up straight to me
When I realize that I´m crying still-I think I´ve got no free will
Vaguely I check out some outstretched hand, They all look so worried I can understand
I´m groping blindly for a strong hold And cry for help I am so cold
It´s raining cats and dogs and dragons and cones,
The crack approaches it reaches my bones
I feel ripped in two and I´m falling Far far down Far down So far so far

from BEHAVIOUR, released 01 October 2011

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