Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang

This is Jazz. Classical, with Double Bass and Piano, and Trombone.
Did you ever try to revive a dying relationship by sheer force?
Well, I did. And I won. This is the tale about it.


You had your chance To knock me out
When you Had me crying On the floor
I nearly Died when you Told me you´re Off –
and Just a little Push would have Thrown me Over
Well you know you Need me, Don´t you try to Lie
And I know you Want me, don´t Need to play the Shy –
Shut Up now Babe you Had your SayAin´t you Glad that I Called you Back when you Drove away that Night
Hey boy, somebody had to |tell you what it Means to love and to be Loved
and I tell you I might
How could you smile at me over your pasta
And tell me it´s over, you don´t love me no more
I took you back – as if nothing had been,
But I tell you don´t play silly games anymore

on BEHAVIOUR, released 01 October 2011

and here´s the other version of this song (used as a soundtrack for a commercial featuring me and our former piano player Christoph Strathmann)!

Datenklang Trailer from sounddesign datenklang on Vimeo.

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