Somebody called

On LIES (2015). Words/Music: Feline Lang

Somebody called for you, don´t recall her name
when she called I was busy. but that´s a waiting game
Think I knew her voice: it was the one
I heard out of our bedroom window when I got home
Also know how she smells from my own sheet
after I had gone out to give you time to cheat
So I told her that you ain´t at home
going out with a girl straight to town
A girl I wouldn´t know but a pretty one
giggling all the time staring at the sun
I think she was angry, can´t imagine why
she dropped the receiver, didn´t say goodbye
I just found her picture under the bed
cut it right into pieces, fed them to the cat
So I think my dear, you are a loner again
don´t try to come back to any of us

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