I see you – Lyrics

I see you – Mariachi-Wave-Ska-Postpunk. Maybe the only love song I ever wrote. Well, this person is rather disturbed…

Words&Music: Feline Lang

Oh how to start to – tell you what I have to: Never thought this would be that hard for me
But I do crave you so – that you are the whole world for me
Everywhere I throw my eyes – Every corner of my mind

Every place I´m running to – I see you baby I see you

I was a real person, I remember I once was able to – think, to speak, to make it
Then you came into my world and everything changed – strange things happened to me
I have waited too long – I have no time left to waste Or I will disappear from this world
I can hear your steps right outside the door And I´m not gonna leave unheard –
this would be the end
Can´t remember if we´ve been together – can´t imagine how we´d ever be
I just know that I will love you forever
When I´m sitting in my favourite café I can´t enjoy my cortado at all
Cause I´m only waiting for you to appear – Only thinking of what to say to you

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