Going Away: Lyrics

Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang

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This is a farewell letter. What else? Decide for yourself where this person is going afterwards.

There’s nothing left to say – you’re better off all alone
after me come the flood
don’t carry my luggage – won’t need anything anymore
don’t wave me goodbye – I’m going for good
I’m going away – I’m going away
breaking all bridges – never been here to stay
don’t say you’d miss me, don’t try to kiss me
I’m going away – I’m going away (Good bye…)
don’t know what else to do – there’s no chore left for me
don’t wait for me to come home
I won’t write letters from where I go.
Won’t look one moment back – I’m going alone
I´m far way off the road – it’s not on any map you know
don’t ask if you can follow me
you wouldn’t want to stay –
you shouldn´t try ever to find me – I’m too far away.

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