HANDS IN MY POCKETS lyrics/song/video

Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang

On TRUTHS (motor 2016)
I can´t save the world all alone – it´s out of my hand. Does that mean I have to sit back and watch?!

It´s a disco song, and you may dance.

I´ve been watching for years now
what people´ll do just to spread their wings
No one gives his place away
I´ll try to sit back and just watch them play kings
there will be blood – there will be tears  –
and there will be hate growing from fears

I can´t stand it, I won´t change it – So I don´t even stay.
I put my hands in my pockets and walk away

Teach your child to be stupid  –
defend your backyard world tooth and nail
sue whoever´s living in a different way –
slow down the world to the pace of a snail
It´s not my problem, so why should I care?
I´m too tired to fight harms I don´t share

do you think of the future   –   do you stop killing nature
do you help a victim  – do you forgo your dictum
do you care what comes after        – do you lose with laughter
do you like your way to be       – how do you without eyes to see

With my hands in my pockets
I feel strong and immune to tears
I am nobody and nobody knows my name –
I`m closing my eyes to forget that I´m here
may come the night – may come the end.
As I’m not in charge I won’t raise a hand

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