GETTIN´ ANGRY – Lyrics, Video, Cover


words&music: Feline Lang

On TRUTHS – motor entertainment 2016

I got another yellow letter – lawyer says I´m a bad girl

In my lyrics I use the ABC and I never asked if that´s OK

I could change my style, I could pay the bill, I could say I´m sorry but I never will

Mh-mh-mh I´m getting angry and I don´t know what I will do

Uh-oh-oh I´m getting angry I would be off if I were you

Sound rules destroy my world as it has grown

Make me a criminal for what I paid for on my own

Can´t you just leave – I´m trying to survive! let me live my life!

I´m not hurting you, why do you hurt me, I can let you live, why can´t you let me?

Bankers don´t care for future nor present nor past

as long as their property is sure to last

Who gives you the right to intrude in my life? Who justified?

I never asked for help, so please stay away,

I won´t change my life cause you want me to pay

GETTIN`ANGRY is about copyright slavery, sound proofing laws, injustice, and money. It´s actually a very personal one, reflecting not one but three lawsuits I had to fight my way through in the course of only one year as a freelance musician.

This song was covered by HardChor Stimmgewalt – a capella!!!
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