Feline @ La Friche

In 2015, I was showered with stipendia! First, German Government sponsored our U.S. tour in May. Then I got a residency from Berlin’s musicboard, which, miraculously, fit like a glove between the tour and the release of LIES.

It was my 1st ever residency, and, honestly, i had no idea what was expected from me. So I, left alone in a studio box with my computers and a piano, started writing songs. And as that went surprisingly well, I not only found that a residency is definitely the best situation to create, but also started a creation experiment: 365 songs. More about that for insiders…

The residency took part in LA FRICHE BELLE DE MAI, a huge cultural centre in the premises of a former tobacco fabrication.

This was the show!


People I met:

Sound installation artist Sacha Ratcliffe from Canada

Compagnia La Rumeur: De- and reconstruction of grand pianos so they float, fly, and dive!

Festival un piano a la Mer- 2014 – BD from Seven Hole on Vimeo.

Extraordinary artist Soukaina Joual


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