CRY (Lyrics)


on LIES (2015) Words/Music: Feline Lang

You hurt me and you don´t even know me. you make me crawl on the floor, hide under the bed. I´ve worked and I´ve worked, for so many dead hours, I´ve aged, I´ve resigned more times than I admit. Now I´m so tired I just want to cry

With lawyers and lies you blame what I´ve created, try to steal what I made, what I love like a child, throw dirt in my face, let my friends turn their backs on me, make me the scapegoat in a game I don´t like. I´m so angry I just want to cry

To run and to hide makes the strongest soul crazy, but what´s more: I can´t run! I´m obliged to declare. After three hours sleep waking noonish seems lazy, The white feather sticks on my head like a flare. I´m so lonely I just want to cry

Now I´ve grabbed my belongings and lift my head slowly and walk to the door and try if it will open -and there they are scowling because they are envious, aiming their guns at my head to take what I can give.

The doubt is my frequent companion, how should I know if the shadow I throw is the truth? Your words, thoughtless bullets, tear into my heart, open up wounds that don´t heal whatever I do. I´m so damaged I just wantto cry

I’m tired, I´m sick of the world that I live in, I just want to stay put in my bed till I cease. but not even this to my kind will be granted, we have to take on your war while we want peace. I´m so frightened I can´t even

This song is about being a freelance artist. I am adding these lines in Autumn 2020 when being a freelance artist has become the same as a beggar and a social tick in Germany. I am in the lucky position to never have trusted anyone so I can make a living from other freelance work, but´

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