A Real Woman – Lyrics and Video

On LIES (2015) Words: Feline Lang, Music: Christoph Klemke & Feline Lang

Can´t do maths, Can´t drive, Don´t like to carry heavy loads.
Can´t dispute, Can´t think angular, Am afraid of spiders and toads.
Without my lipstick I am broke, Who´s got chocolate has won.
Without my handbag I feel naked, And it´s weighing a ton

Oh yes, I´m a woman. I have to admit: I´m a woman and I´m a real bitch.
I´m a woman and I´m no scam, I´m a woman, that´s what I am.
Oh yes, I´m a woman and I love to be a real woman: you get what you see.
I´m a woman and I fit your cliché of a real woman

Like my clothes. like my home. like a good strong arm.
I´m a singer in a band, and my fist doesn´t do any harm.
Too many shoes, too many bags, and a hell of a PMS.
A caress is the cure of my very worst fits

Love to dance with my man and hate when he stays at home.
Go for looks, go for shoes, don´t never go to the loo on my own.
Don´t want to lay who´s still there on three, but at four you should stay!
I´m allergic to everything, but the most to a bad hair day

We made this song with a recurring noodling Christoph did when bored or warming himself up 🙂 this is how we recorded it in one single take for the record! Note how Christoph gets angry and stops playing – that wasn´t planned but now we do it all the time!

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