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Sorry for the radio silence. Last 2 weeks where a whirlwind of exciting things you´ll hear more about soon, fullmooning in London (and we´ll be back!), first-time-ever things on stage, like playing a gig on my tiny Yamaha Reface synth instead of the computer (ok, there also was a Ukulele involved!), performing a song in a movie!!!, learning a uke version of LITTLE BOXES in 15 minutes, and sessioning the afterparty in London on piano, uke, and uke-pretends-to-be-a-bass-guitar. FUN! And SO MUCH WORK!

So this month, I´ll treat you to something I have written a while ago. Still am very proud of it. Next month it´s mother´s day, and father´s day. It´s a hymn to my parents, who both are musicians, too, and who I love and admire very, very much.

Thank you for making me what I am <3

Fun fact: I recorded the piano twice and layered it so it seems (at least to me!) like two people talking about the same thing but in slightly different ways. It´s weird, and I love it. Hope you´ll like it too.

The Lyrics:


My dad is mean with his hands

he plays the piano so pretty

he strokes the keys like a kitty

and then he unleashes a storm

My dad is tough with his mind

his knowledge is vast as an ocean

and yet he keeps curious and open

nothing’s uninteresting for him

That’s why I go back to my origins

when I am searching myself

I may have outgrown my origins

but a tree without roots just fails

My mum has the most hearty laugh

she looks like the sun in the morning

she jokes even while she is mourning

her heart is as fierce as a knight’s

My mum is so strong and so tough

she knows what she wants and she takes it

whatever should happen, she makes it

nothing’s impossible for her

That’s why I go back

to my origins

when I am searching myself

I am so proud of

my origins

they make me so strong

they fill me with love

they make me whole

and so it begins

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