Leaving for the Seaside – Lyrics


Words&Music: Feline Lang

I woke up in a dusty town today. Somebody should come with a vacuum cleaner
Swallowed by a dry worm underground and met only dry mummies in there
Cars going by with hot stink funnels, I try to breathe and spasm comes
people babbling in my entrails, I have to run where I belong
Leaving for the seaside – salty skin and bleaching hair.
Living at the seaside – fresh fresh air
Leaving for the seaside – listening to the waves´ concert.
Longing for the seaside – oh fresh fresh air
I only want to work but can´t today. somebody said a wrong thing after me again
I´m hot and flustered cause I listened (fool I) and I`ll never be able to feel cool again
I lock myself inside the bathroom and try to cry but my eyes stay dry
I will have to drink an ocean to let salty water well up inside
I´ll pack my suitcase when I get home, I´ll leave this dry town for good
When I got there the first I´ll do is undress and with bare feet I´ll run along the sandy beach
I´ll feel the wind caress my dirty lungs and drink the salt water until I´m mad
That is what I need to feel alive again, I`ll do it tomorrow, I´m really set

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