BECAUSE (A Wedding Waltz) – Lyrics

Because (SCIENCE FICTION 2013)

Words&Music&Arrangement: Feline Lang 

When I see you through the bottom of my wineglass

you seem distorted and I´m suddenly afraid

of the white foam you´re fluttering with the tablecloth

threatening to swallow you and all that I love –

Will some envious deity appear and crumple you to a featureless heap?

I know you´d never leave me, and that makes me glad

let´s go together through all ordeals

You´re the rose in my charm and the salt in my soup

the reason for my life, I couldn´t stand losing you –

Will you disappear into a black hole provoked by our love´s quantum leap?

Please please please please don´t go away

please please please please please please stay

Please please please please don´t leave the way

please – because

I´d lie for you, I´d die for you – I´d try for you whatever you want me to

I´d cry for you, don´t ask why I do – I´ll always sigh with you

because I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love you.

I can´t stand the thought you could be stolen away by life´s cruel twists.

In this video, Christoph and I dance over a festival meadow while someone is listening to this song in their car.
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