18. April 2021


How could you- T/M/ARR Feline Lang - On "BEHAVIOUR" One of my biggest fears. Well, if you love, you can
YOU SAID - T/M/Arr Feline Lang - On "Science Fiction" (2013) SCIENCE FICTION by Feline & Strange The good old
Why me - T/M/Arr Feline Lang - On "Science Fiction" (2013) Warum ich? - Warum soll ich meinen Müll trennen?
ANYBODY T: Feline Lang, M/Arr: Marc André Haller - On "Science Fiction" (2013) Das Individuum in der Informationsgesellschaft, die Öffentlichkeit
End of the world - T/M/ARR Feline Lang - On "Science Fiction" (2012) On the record, you will find a second
Been there done that - T/M Feline Lang - Arr: Band - On "BEHAVIOUR" BEHAVIOUR by Feline & Strange    
Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang SCIENCE FICTION by Feline & Strange On patreon, you can find two more versions: a piano solo,
I see you - Mariachi-Wave-Ska-Postpunk. Maybe the only love song I ever wrote. Well, this person is rather disturbed... Words&Music:
Hello World - Words&Music: Feline Lang A song about the dire need to become famous. Because WHO EVER LISTENS TO
FINALLY - T/M/ARR Feline Lang - ON "BEHAVIOUR" We´ve looked at each other for more than some months like we