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Song, and Lyrics, below… but first:

The video making!

If you´re on facebook please proceed here: https://www.facebook.com/events/207994113317858/

Make your own clip, and send it to me – or be part of the actual shooting in 2 parts in Berlin – the street running before the General Data Protection Act hits on May 25th, or/and the asylum and breakout part!

The making of ON THE RUN video about the outbreak from a Victorian asylum into nowadays world, was scheduled for June, after all the WGT madness. But as the DGSVO, the General Date Protection Act, will hit Germany hard in only a few days, we have to do part of it before May 25th! The DGSVO means, basically,  you are no longer permitted to release imagery with strangers on. And ON THE RUN relies on the idea of strangers looking and wondering, and us running away through a crowded environment.
which means, TOMORROW on Sunday 13th!We´ll meet in Berlin at our studio at musik erlaubt, Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin, at 14.00, dress up, and then run around for about 15 minutes. DONE! Coffee! (on me of course)

I can offer costumes for inmates, doctors, and scurities, but you are of course invited to bring your own.
Inmates: off-white, grey, neutral coloured, can be ragged and dirty. Bring shoes, if they are not neon everything is ok. Clothes can be everything from noghtie to bridal gown – you´re mad!
Doctors: white of course, I have two lab coats. Props are welcome, from med tools to pliers…!
Securities: Black shirt and pants, can also be knee-length, sturdy boots, belt if you have (I can provide). Bring your weapon of choice from club to steam gun.

The actual video, the basement scenes with torturing in :-D, the showdown on the playground, we´ll do all that in June as it will take place on private grounds and there won´t be strangers visible.
You can be part of one, or both.

Das ON THE RUN Video, der Irrenhausausbruch aus dem 19. Jahrhundert in die heutige Welt, sollte eigentlich Anfang Juni stattfinden – aber die DGSVO macht mir einen STrich durch die Rechung! Die Szenen auf der Strasse, mit Fremden, die uns neugierig anstarren, sind Bestandteil der Story – also müssen sie VOR dem 25. Mai im Kasten (und veröffentlicht) sein!
(Als hätte ich jetzt vorm WGT nicht genug zu tun!)ALSO MACHEN WIR ES JETZT!
also MORGEN, SONNTAG 13. Mai!

Wir treffen uns in Berlin in unserem Studio, musik erlaubt, Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin, um 14.00, umziehen, raus und etwa 15 Minuten herumrennen. Das war´s! Kaffee! (auf meine Rechnung natürlich).

Ich habe Kostüme für alle da, Insassen, Ärzte und Sicherheitsleute werden benötigt. Aber DU kannst natürlich Deine eigenen Sachen mitbringen.
Insassen: schmutziges Weiss, grau, beige – kann schmutzig und zerrissen sein. Schuhe! alles ausser neon. Du kannst alles tragen vom Nachthemd bis zum Brautkleid – schließlich sind wir verrückt 😀
Ärzte: weiß natürlich. Ich habe 2 Kittel, Requisiten sind auch willkommen, vom Stethoskop bis zur Beisszange…!
Sicherheit: schwarzes Hemd und Hose, die kann auch knielang sein. Feste Schuhe. Gürtel wenn vorhanden. Deine Waffe der Wahl, vom Stock bis zur Steamgun.

Das eigentliche Video, das Irrenhaus im Keller und den Showdown auf dem Spielplatz, machen wir dann wie geplant in ca. 2 Wochen. Du kannst, aber mußt nicht, in beiden Teilen dabei sein.



This is about losing everything you took for granted. And hope.

I‘ve been painting wrong colours – singing wrong songs- writing wrong poems – speaking wrong tongues – sitting on wrong chairs – eating wrong foods – worshipping wrong gods – buying wrong goods

Now I‘m on the run like a frightened rabbit, jumping the bricks of the yellow road, dodging the sun -might be I‘m seen- hiding my face under my load…

Run run run run -run for your life -Run run run -don‘t stop
Run run run run -no place to hide -Run run run -don‘t stop

Hold on hold on! I won‘t stop for you. Stopping is death -Running is hope. There is no goal, no end to this run, running in circles, a life as a lope

I‘ve been playing the wrong games – having wrong fun – asking wrong questions from the wrong men – showing the wrong sex – wearing wrong clothes – kissing wrong humans -watching wrong shows – squatting wrong houses – crying wrong tears – throwing the wrong stones -having wrong fears – carrying wrong guns – shunning wrong class – shitting on wrong heaps -kicking wrong ass

I‘ve done naught but being myself. That‘s forbidden in my world! Do what you ought, stay in the shadow, don‘t raise your voice, avoid the wrong words…


from OUT, released March 23, 2017
Concert Harp: Brigitte Langnickel-Köhler
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