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Seventh Wave Studio Pennsylvania: Best recording studio ever

Klangheim Audio Setup Berlin: Speakers and more for the real audiophile

Maßgeschneiderte High-End Lautsprecher: Entschlüssele die Alien-Botschaften!  Presse über klangheim feat. F&S!

musik erlaubt Musikproduktionszentrum Berlin: Room for music, and politics

disc media helped making the intricate artwork for LIES, TRUTHS, and OUT! I’d never been able to realize all that 3D art which actually WORKS without their help.


In case you want more (like, yet unreleased or exclusive songs and videos), or to give something back, or you just want us to make MORE MUSIC: here´s the right place for you! So far, not only the last 3 longplayers plus all the puzzle songs have been released patreon-only, but also the sinister ballad The Rat, coming soon: Origins, Lobotomy, and more. Those won´t ever be on a CD, we´ve done 5, that`s enough. Now, we release song by song on Patreon and Bandcamp subscription.

Falls Du mehr davon möchtest, Unveröffentlichtes, Exklusives, oder aber selbst etwas geben willst, oder einfach, daß wir MEHR MUSIK machen: hier geht´s lang!  Bisher sind nicht nur die letzten drei Alben UND Rätsellösungen downloadbar, sondern auch die düstere Ballade The Rat, demnächst: Origins, Lobotomy, und mehr. Diese Songs werden nie auf CD erscheinen, wir haben 5, das reicht. Jetzt veröffentlichen wir nur noch Song für Song, auf Patreon und Bandcamp-Subscription.

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Yahooo! We have a shop in Feline&Strange now! Thank you Simon Field for kicking my ass to make this!! ...

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Adult content now up on patreon 😊 ...

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... and the final show for 2017, totally acoustic as in NO CABLES! ...

Feline and Strange im Theater am Schlachthof

Dezember 8, 2017, 8:00pm - Dezember 8, 2017, 4:00pm

Wir wieder in Berlin, live und komplett akustisch! Wegen des riesigen Erfolgs unseres Kabelfrei-Experiments im Sommer machen wir das nochmal. Feline, Christoph, ein Klavier und ein Cello. Sonst nix. Keine Mikros, keine Kabel. Nur Ihr. Im kleinen Hinterhoftheater, intim und gemütlich. Und was wir spielen? Was sonst noch passiert? Woher sollen wir das vorher wissen? Kommt vorbei.

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The last two shows this year - in Berlin! Tomorrow electroacoustic with Stereochemistry... ...

Showcase #4 | Feline & Strange and Stereochemistry

Dezember 7, 2017, 8:00pm - Dezember 7, 2017, 3:00pm

Prebooking Donations | 3 - 5 EUR suggested Donations will be accepted on the night too! === We welcome you to our First Thursday Showcase at our home in Gesundbrunnen, 800A. We look forward to presenting only the finest musical showcases on the first Thursdays every month. Our December showcase features two fantastic singer-songwriters, Feline & Strange & Stereochemistry, for an incredible night of musical cabaret, delicious sandwiches, snacks and beverages! === Feline & Strange ============== Capt’n Feline and Chief Strange have been trying to contact their home planet since 2011 – to no avail, the aid of the fold-up cello, the synthetic piano, the ship’s computer, stuff to bang on, and Feline’s interstellar, opera-trained voice nonwithstanding. Now, they get angry. Darker and scarier they return from their travels all across Europe (even UK) and the U.S., and bring their Electro Wave Cabaret from Berlin directly in your face. And a brand new 5th album: OUT (feat. Brian Viglione) was released in Spring 2017. The theatrical multimedia show is an overwhelming dystopy, stylistically between METROPOLIS and BLADE RUNNER. Official webpage: YouTube: Stereochemistry ============== Stereochemistry’s music travels along the lines of Ani DiFranco, Regina Spektor, Victoria Williams and such, but don’t expect yet another withdrawn indie-folk musician on the stage. Meet Miss Stereochemistry instead: a travelling consortium of five aliens sharing one human body, on a mission to explore and enlighten the human kind on its own contradictory existence on Planet Earth. Stereochemistry serves her thought-provoking messages on society, politics, sex, religion, love, depression as a merciless yet prejudice free satirical musical cabaret, faithfully backed up by her guitar, piano, ukulele, violin bow and a loop station. Behind this one-woman show stands Karla Hajman, Belgrade-born, Italy-raised and Berlin-based artist and scientist, who left her PhD in Experimental Audiology to dedicate herself to human ears from another perspective. Her creative versatility granted her everything from a chemotherapy patent to music collaborations with indie, techno and funk legends such as Jason Rubal (Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls), Steven Rutter of B12 and George Clinton’s P-FUNK themselves. Official webpage: YouTube:

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Me, working on the new patreon songs. Even as they're dark as fuck. ...

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