Dearest friends, Geliebte Freunde,

on this sunny place I will share with you some gifts I prepared for you. And the newest developments in a feline&strange world!

an diesem schattigen Plätzchen möchte ich ein paar Geschenke verteilen. Und die neuesten Entwicklungen in unserer Welt bekanntmachen!

Kisses… Feline


The Game 2017: STILL ON EARTH?!

Thank you for your nice words! Want to be here? Write what you think and tag us on your social media!

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Things that happen to me on this planet. And others.


Solve the puzzles hidden in the artwork and enter the solution as the password to get your bonus songs, booklet downloads, artwork downloads – IF you`re not on patreon and have them already, that is.



For LIES owners

For TRUTHS owners

Coming soon: For OUT owners (paper edition) – For Out owners (game solvers)

OUT: Du möchtest die nicht im Handel erhältliche CD-Version oder das Artwork zum Download dazukaufen? Want to buy the CD version or the paper artwork? click here for bandcamp or email us directly!



STEAM BALL – our own party series

The STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017 – photos, reviews, and as time goes by, this will be a tour blog!


klangheim Audio SetupMusik erlaubt

Seventh Wave Studio Pennsylvania: Best recording studio ever

Klangheim Audio Setup Berlin: Speakers and more for the real audiophile

Maßgeschneiderte High-End Lautsprecher: Entschlüssele die Alien-Botschaften!  Presse über klangheim feat. F&S!

musik erlaubt Musikproduktionszentrum Berlin: Room for music, and politics

disc media helped making the intricate artwork for LIES, TRUTHS, and OUT! I’d never been able to realize all that 3D art which actually WORKS without their help.


In case you want more (like, yet unreleased or exclusive songs and videos), or to give something back, or you just want us to make MORE MUSIC: here´s the right place for you! So far, not only the last 3 longplayers plus all the puzzle songs have been released patreon-only, but also the sinister ballad The Rat, coming soon: Origins, Lobotomy, and more. Those won´t ever be on a CD, we´ve done 5, that`s enough. Now, we release song by song on Patreon and Bandcamp subscription.

Falls Du mehr davon möchtest, Unveröffentlichtes, Exklusives, oder aber selbst etwas geben willst, oder einfach, daß wir MEHR MUSIK machen: hier geht´s lang!  Bisher sind nicht nur die letzten drei Alben UND Rätsellösungen downloadbar, sondern auch die düstere Ballade The Rat, demnächst: Origins, Lobotomy, und mehr. Diese Songs werden nie auf CD erscheinen, wir haben 5, das reicht. Jetzt veröffentlichen wir nur noch Song für Song, auf Patreon und Bandcamp-Subscription.

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F&S on facebook – The Spaceship Crew (Group)

THIS will be a very special evening, right after Airship Northstar. (Plus, we´ll get to hang out in Edinburgh for the whole of Monday! Any suggestions?) ...

Miss Shelley's Secret Shenanigans

Juli 9, 2017, 7:30pm - Juli 9, 2017, 6:30pm

A steampunk musical extravaganza to be held from 7.30pm on Sunday 9th July in the Bier Keller of Frankenstein Pub 26 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

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Well and as always when I search advice in costumes and looks, it ends in me listening to someone telling me I was a complete idiot and all my stuff looks like from the bin. Brilliant, thanks, I let you invade because I felt insecure, now I feel really so much better. Not.
Just because I can't ever make my mind up about ONE certain outfit since the red ball gown died. And why would I?
Well, maybe I SHOULD perform naked. At least that's what feels most "authentic" to ME!! Plus, if someone complains about imperfectly sewed seams, I can tell them they're bodyshaming, fuckers.

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Dankeschön ...

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So happy to have played with both these guys 😊 ...

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Now here's a thing. I was singing along to “How much”...”A wolf in a sheepskin has to eat grass...” when up popped a memory from many years ago. I remembered a bit from Amon Düül II's Dance of the Lemmings - “Pull down your mask, wolf in the sheepskin...”

So I'm guessing it's german usage. In the UK we tend to say “wolf in sheep's clothing”. Which is silly really, because sheep don't have clothes....

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More #ASDO pictures! ...

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Haha NO idea what I thought in that moment, I only know I was enjoying the set of Matthew Victor Rogers Victor and the Bully Harry Mack, and freezing because of the wind. ...

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