CITY BY THE SEA – Lyrics & Video

Strongly connected to Feline’s impressions during her residency in Marseille, this dark and ethnic rock song tells the lethal story of the sea, and refugees. Out of your home country.

This is about leaving everything you had, risking more than your life, only to realise that the promised land is as much of a shithole as the one you ran from. Only for different reasons.

On OUT (2017 motor RaR)
Words/Music: Feline Lang
Cello: Christoph Klemke
Bass: Tyler KouqJ Garrett
Drums: Brian Viglione
Camera: Damón Zurawski

Sea forever churning on the Smugglers nest.
The nightly Sky is burning, the Wind comes from West
The Water is blackening, the Rock looms high,
the Pharo* is a dead end and a Ship runs dryHigh is the rock and deep is the ocean,
Thin is the plank you‘re holding on
Wide is the sea and shallow is the haven,
Many a sailor came and never got homeSo many dreams, a single tear: Go west from here
Enfant terrible de la mer: The City by the sea
N‘est pas un revé mais c‘est brutal, Go leave it all
You came for heaven, this is hell: The city by the seaA Storm is coming, the tourists hide,
Rats and fugitives run prisonside
The heat is overwhelming, the thirst never ends,
we all are strangers here with empty hands

Deep is the pocket and loud is the song,
Sparkling and rotten. The way home is long
The city is dark but the streets invite to roam,
your money is gone and you can‘t ever go home
Girls are swaying, their style is fresh,
Rich white boys are ogling their tanning flesh
The DJ is tired but the night goes on.
The dancers are drunk and they won‘t ever go home
Loud is the music and strong is the crowd,
You‘ll never find home, but the beach is about
hard is the rock and soft is the sea,
Your mother the ocean takes you back into the deep

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