OUT – The Game

Apply for a visa for Planet Earth here. No guarantees. But at least you have the chance of winning a decent prize. Before your deportation. Have fun. The full album, including some information you might need: www.felineandstrange.com/out  Prizes: The album in the limited CD version (not in stores). The T-Shirt „How can art not be[…]

STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017

With our 5th album OUT, something special had to happen. Find tour dates here! The show is, in short, a multimedia explosion with full cyberpunk costumes, silly dialogue as usual, visuals, costumes (and costume changes), masks, sunglasses, light-up drumsticks, codes and signs, and a game for YOU during the shows, also available online. Aesthetically, the[…]

Album OUT – VIP info

With OUT Feline&Strange go beyond. Again. Mit OUT überschreiten Feline&Strange alle Grenzen. Wieder einmal. OUT by Feline & Strange (Deutscher Infotext weiter unten) Fully streamlined into an Electro Wave Cabaret duo, Feline Lang (vocals, piano, synths, melodica) & Christoph Klemke (cello, percussion, back vocals) rock, with the help of legendary drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls,[…]

Album OUT (2017)

Click through to the songs on this playlist for all lyrics! <a href=“http://felineandstrange.bandcamp.com/album/truths“>TRUTHS by Feline &amp; Strange</a> CD-Version oder Artwork kaufen? Want to buy the CD version or the artwork? click here for bandcamp or email us directly! or go here: UK exclusive box set release on October 6th 2017! OUT (2017) With OUT Feline&Strange go beyond.[…]