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Feline & Strange – ELECTRO WAVE CABARET from Berlin

Theatrical Duo Show with a powerful female voice, cello, piano, and/or Electronics

Label: motor entertainment
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More about and from the STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017: photos, reviews, broadcast recordings

„Feline & Strange wowed the crowd from their very first note… cheering for each and every song… Some of the most interesting music I’ve heard in the States in quite some time.“ (The Aquarian, New Jersey/USA)

Opernsängerin Feline Lang und Punkcellist Christoph Klemke haben seit 2011 vergeblich versucht, ihren Heimatplaneten zu erreichen. Jetzt ist der Spaß vorbei. Düsterer und wütender kehrt das Electro Wave Cabaret Duo von Expeditionen in Übersee zurück nach Berlin, im Gepäck Klavier, Cello, Computer, Percussion und ihr 5. Album OUT: gefördert von Musicboard, Goetheinstitut und Initiative Musik, wieder mit Brian Viglione an den Drums, Release April 2017).

The new album – full stream, story, official videos, live videos

Capt’n Feline and Chief Strange have been trying to contact their home planet since 2011 – to no avail, the aid of the fold-up cello, the synthetic piano, the ship’s computer, stuff to bang on, and Feline’s interstellar, opera-trained voice nonwithstanding. Now, they get angry. Darker and scarier they return from their travels all across Europe (even UK) and the U.S., and bring their Electro Wave Cabaret from Berlin directly in your face. And a brand new 5th album: OUT (feat. Brian Viglione) is released in Spring 2017.

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